Overcoming Adult Material Addiction


he struggle with adult material addiction is a creeping epidemic in our society today. Popular culture and a liberal society encourages the use of adult material to satisfy one’s sexual needs. It is a silent struggle many face – even in the church. Come and join us and discover the roots of this issue, the effects on the brain and society, and how to treat this stubborn addiction.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Adult material addiction affects 60 -70% of men, 50 – 58% of pastors, 20 – 30 % of women in Evangelical Churches in the USA. Is Malaysia affected? No statistics are available. However Malaysia has been touted to have one of the highest percentage of population surfing the internet. Many of them would be tempted to visit adult material websites. If we say conservatively that the percentage of Malaysians affected by adult material addiction is half that of the US, then roughly 35% of Christian men, 30% of pastors and 15% of women are adult material addicts. Would Malaysian Christian Leaders consider the situation critical and take immediate measures to confront this issue before it chaotically explode in our society?


  • How adult material addiction affects the person, the family, the church and the nation.
  • The understanding of the psychodynamics of adult material addiction is essential for successful treatment.
  • Why normal counseling may not be enough to restore an adult material addict.
  • Why addiction to adult material is not only a moral problem – It is a symptom of a deep emotional wound.
  • How adult material addiction causes actual structural changes in the brain that prevents restoration.
  • How genetics play a role in adult material addiction. The strategies for a holistic treatment of adult material addiction.
    *There will be a corporate prayer to break the yoke of bondage to adult material. Personal prayers will also be provided for those who need it.

Venue: The Gospel Avenues
Date: 6th August 2016
Time: 2PM to 6PM

*Attendance is FOC