Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live.

In life, we are confronted many times, to make a choice between life and death and though these may not literal situations of life and death yet the spiritual connotation of those choices may lead us to having an abundant life or sure death.

Strange as it may sound, choosing life is such an obvious choice for any normal human being yet, the Bible asks that question, will you choose life or death? It is like a given that people will choose life but what is life? It is a growing, reproducing, functional active and ever changing process that happens to everyone. In short, when you choose life, you are expecting all of these characteristics to manifest in you.

What if you don’t choose life? Well, then you live in a comfort zone, which gives you very much sense of security but no sense of freedom to enlarge yourself. My wife loves to plant herbal plants, which can be used for health purposes. Every time she sees the plants flourish and sprout into a luscious state, she gets a kick out of it. Similarly, it happens with life. When there is life, there is growth and when there is growth there is change. Though there may be a great amount of effort put into this growth, it is well worthy it because life flourishes. If you plant flowers, you begin to enjoy the beauty of these flowers. There may be hard work and changes involved in this choice but you can see the satisfying end results.

However, when we choose to live in a comfort zone, where there is no change and no energy is expended to keep up with progress then we have actually chosen death. We choose not to trouble ourselves with having to make changes or have a desire to grow.

As we are approaching the end of 2015, it is a good time to reflect upon our lives. Have we chosen life or have we chosen death? Have we been growing spiritually or merely existing physically with no other growth goals in our life? Have we been taking corrective measures to improve ourselves, even mending our faults and adopting godly values to grow in life?

What have we done to give others life or at least encourage other people to choose life? Has our life example been impactful enough to help them see the goodness of choosing life and not death? If we see a plant that is not growing or have stagnated in its growth and there is no change in in its movement, we can envisage that it will eventually dry up and die at worse and at best live in a miserable state of existence.

Many people may come to the end of their life and regret that they did not choose to live by taking chances or by getting out of their comfort zone to do something more meaningful in their life. They are afraid to have a bigger vision for themselves and therefore live within the confines of their security zone only to regret at the end of their life for not choosing to live according to God’s purposes for their life.

I hope that in the New Year you will choose to live according to the scriptures, which gives us the choice of life or death. If life, then follow God’s instructions and direction through the scriptures. Get ready for change, make change, be prepared to grow and sweat for it. The end result will be an abundant life! If you choose death, then you can stay in your comfort zone and do nothing.